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  • Refunds cash advances up to $6k
  • No bank account? No problem. Have your refund loaded directly to your own prepaid money card.
  • File & Pay nothing now! Use your refund to pay your tax prep fees.
  • No waiting for a check! Print a check directly from our office.
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A.The fee is $499
B. This fee is not due upfront, but will be deducted from your expected refund. if you do not expect to receive a refund, then the client will be charged up front. so i guess we can give them an option to either pay up front or deduct it from their return.
C. simple returns, meaning no children and less than 3 w2s, are $250. They can pay up front or have the fees deducted.
D. previous years taxes (up to 3 years) are $250. Must pay up front.
E. Tax and Credit Special (Jan 15th- April 15th)  $999 includes tax prep for current year only and a 1 year credit membership.

Millions of people are missing out on unclaimed money because they are improperly filing their tax returns. Our knowledge allows us to safely and legally maximize your return so that you can enjoy every piece of what you deserve. Relax with fast and convenient direct deposits. 

We also offer tax loans up to $6,000 (taken from my previous website) I will send over some tax promo to add to this page.

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Tax Options

Previous years, Simple returns, Returns with multiple forms and children


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